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Business Licensing

Currently our company offers services and financial resources to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. In our company your goals and aspirations become the oxygen and engine of our days, thus achieving an environment of common satisfaction among our clients and the staff that day by day is forced to achieve perfection in their development; as a family, as a company and as benefactors of the community.

QBiSco provide the issuing of your Business Permits and Licensing to open and operate your business. As a representative of your business needs we can offer you the following services:

  • Business Licensing Issuing

  • Business Permits Issuing

  • Business Certification Issuing 

  • State, City and Town Accomplishment

QBiSco provide services for the following Industries:

  • Accommodation and Food Services

  • Administration, Business Support 

  • Arts, Entertainment and Recreation

  • Construction

  • Educational Services

  • Finance and Insurance

  • Healthcare and Social Assistance

  • Information

  • Manufacturing

  • Other Services (except Public Administration)

  • Rental and Leasing

  • Retail Trade

  • Transportation and Warehousing

  • Utilities

  • Wholesale Trade


  • 88% of Millionaires in the US are Self-Made Entrepreneurs

  • There are 582 Million Entrepreneurs Around the World

  • The Biggest Motivation for Entrepreneurs is Being Their Own Boss

  • 60% of People That Start Small Businesses are Aged Between 40 and 60

  • The US is the Best Place for Entrepreneurs

  • 59% of Entrepreneurs Who Applied for a Loan Did So to Expand

  • The Internet is the Most Significant Source of Advice for Entrepreneurs

  • More Than 65% of American Entrepreneurs Believe They Can Start Their Own Business

  • 97% of Self-Employed People Don’t Plan on Returning to Traditional Work

  • 12.3 Million Women own Their own Business in the US


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