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Business Tax Preparation

QBiS Company offers you the opportunity of filling your Taxes from the comfort of your house or workplace using technologicals tools so that you do not stress when it comes to fill your Taxes.


From a simple and easy platform you can send your documents in a safe way trusting that they are in good hands with us.  

Here are some information and perks filling your taxes with us:

Use this tax preparation information this tax season to help you stay on top of your acknowledge and responsibilities:

  • Know which business tax you have to file

  • Know your tax filing deadline

  • Know what type of documents to gather

  • Know your tax deductions and credits

  • How to determine if you need a filing extension

  • Know what alternatives you have if you can't pay your liabilities on time

  • Talk to a QBiSco expert to discuss the options for best results.

  • Face to face interview to determine the best way and results from your taxes.

  • Office open year around to discuss any situation.

  • IRS representation with any situation.

We offer the following tax returns for business:

  1. Sole Proprietorships Schedule C

  2. Single-Member LLC Schedule C

  3. Partnerships Form 1065 and Schedule K1

  4. Multi-Members LLC Form 1065 and Schedule K1

  5. Corporations Form 1120

  6. LLC taxed as Corporation Form 1120

  7. S Corporation Form 1120

Every client has the opportunity to build their own financial future just trusting in our company with more 20 year of experience helping our community.


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